We Bring Local Flavors and Specialties straight from Jamaica to Bunnell, Florida! 

Taste of Jamaica in Bunnell Florida is a family owned and operated restaurant that brings the fresh, authentic taste of Jamaica to you!

Jamaican cuisine is a melting pot reflecting the various cultures that have influenced our island home over the years.  There are many local ingredients that stand out in these dishes, including the hot and spicy peppers that are key to any good “jerk.”

Jerk pork or chicken is Jamaica’s national dish. Pork or chicken is seasoned with Scotch Bonnet peppers along with thyme, onions and scallions. Then the meat is wrapped in pimento leaves and cooked slowly for 6-8 hours.

Aside from flavorful jerk chicken or pork, our menu features hearty meals that draw on the best local ingredients and are good for all to enjoy.

We look forward to serving you our traditional Jamaican dishes.